Bringing creative results to every retail project


We strive to continuously improve our sustainability performance and keep a keen eye on future developments.


Every day, we make a difference for our clients across the globe through our passion, expertise, and curiosity.


With rapid innovations in the retail industry, we are bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.


Our collaborative organization's strength lies in diversity, inclusivity, and a transparent working environment.

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Our story

For more than 25 years Impact is the partner for in-store experience and retail marketing projects. We design, develop and produce retail solutions, such as Window Displays, Shop in Shops, Brand Stores, and Specials. By implementing sustainable practices and making CO2 calculations of our designs, we get detailed insight into the carbon footprint which helps us take the right decisions in the whole development process. Our team supports global brands in increasing their business performance and optimizing processes resulting in the most effective total cost of ownership.




Mission & Vision


Impact supports brands and retailers in creating extra added value within retail environments.


As a business, we constantly strive to grow and transform in response to the innovations that are reshaping our industry.

The dynamics of our industry and the challenges we get to solve for our partners is what drives us daily