How we work



Our Design Studio is well experienced in developing creative in-store retail experiences, such as Shop in Shop, Brand Stores, and Display Units. With the newest technologies, we are continuously setting new standards and creating added value.

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The engineering team translates concept designs into practical solutions. By focusing on value engineering, quality constructions, and selecting the best materials, we create results that meet the goals of our clients.

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The prototype is the first tangible result after the design and technical drawing process. Our prototypes are produced in line with the expected production outcome, making them 100% realistic and time-saving in the total development process.

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Our production in Europe and global network of audited suppliers, gives us the distinct advantage of delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions with short lead times within the local and pan-European markets.

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The logistics strategy is a key part of project management and contributes to the overall efficiency of a project. Themes such as reducing CO2 emissions, warehousing, transport, and flat packing, are common threads throughout the process.

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We combine a strategic network of installation partners with our own teams to ensure each project has a tailored rollout management approach. This flexibility enables us to provide a customized service while keeping the total cost of ownership within budget.

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We offer maintenance services to ensure that delivered projects maintain their quality and appearance, resulting in a consistent look and feel. We provide this service at different levels to keep our clients' projects up-to-date.

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