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We are happy to announce our Shop! Global membership.

  • Global Network and Reach: being a part of the Shop! Global Membership means we are joining a vast, well-connected network that spans the globe. It opens doors to new opportunities and markets, enabling us to expand our reach and connect with like-minded professionals and businesses on a worldwide scale.
  • Enhanced Expertise: Shop! is a respected global trade association with a wealth of knowledge in enhancing the retail environment. By joining this community, we gain access to invaluable insights and best practices that can significantly continue to enrich our own expertise of the retail industry.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: Shop! fosters a culture of inclusivity, where diverse voices are not just heard but actively welcomed and celebrated. This aligns with our core values and commitment to creating a workplace and a world that embraces diversity and treats all individuals with fairness and respect.
  • Ethical Standards and Transparency: our shared commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards and transparency further solidifies the partnership.

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