Hoya has a broad range of lenses and glasses that they offer to their optic retail channels. To create uniformity and ease of advising customers in-store, we developed a modular system that can fit multiple cassettes containing different eyecare solutions.



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Project goal

From enjoying the sun, reducing myopia, and being at work or on the road, the lenses from Hoya can be personalized on many levels. A need for uniformity and physical tools that allow customers to experience their preferred Hoya products was the main focus in creating the product display solution.

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Project result

We developed a modular system for different product categories each fitting more than a dozen different cassettes. The cassettes contained various inlays to store the physical lenses and have room for visual and/or informative communication. Making it very efficient to inform customers, and present the brand consistently and in an organized manner.

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Hoya’s physical tool cassettes offer a hands-on approach to product exploration