Impact created several brand stores within the Kawasaki dealer network. Delivering single-brand dealerships turn-key including a full shop in shop experience, store fixtures, visuals, and exterior signage.



Brand Stores

The results

0 25 % Increased brand visibility
0 50 % 3D render savings

Project goal

Mainly for the single-brand dealerships we delivered the complete offering from Kawasaki’s new retail identity program. With the additional advantage of having one partner servicing them on the implementation.

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Project result

The focus on creating a full shop in shop experience means that customers can fully engage with the brand and its products. From the moment they enter the store, they are transported to the world of Kawasaki, with every element carefully designed to create a cohesive and immersive experience. The attention to detail in the store fixtures, visuals, and signage, all contribute to a seamless customer journey that encourages exploration and discovery.

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