To complement the look and feel of a dealership, store fixtures have been developed for Kawasaki's new retail identity program. Creating the possibility for dealers to develop a seamless customer journey.



Store fixtures

Project goal

There are different areas within a dealership that connect to the showroom area. When developing the new retail identity, we looked at making the connection between these. We decided together with the client to introduce modular fixtures, such as high lounge tables including chairs, sales and service receptions, hexagon ceiling light, freestanding sales desk, and visual backdrops for walls.

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Project result

All fixtures contribute to an appealing shopping experience, guiding visitors to their desired products and providing a unique visual experience along the way. We were also able to create savings for the dealer with the ease of installation. In addition, it supports dealerships by boosting their business performance by selling more motorcycles, parts, accessories, and merchandise.

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