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Napoleon is an established brand and is represented within the outdoor barbeque kitchen areas of DIY retail. We developed a modular shop-in-shop that can be adapted and show all their product categories from compact to an extensive shopping experience.




The results

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Project goal

The development and design of Napoleon products are driven by the latest technologies and innovations. This resulted in various grill and barbecue products with complementary accessories. Together we were challenged to incorporate all these products and accessories within different shop configurations from small to large. Our main task was to offer a flexible shop-in-shop system that guides customers to their preferred products.

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Project result

We delivered a combination of flexibility, room for brand visibility, and stock–product placement as the end result. Taking into account the perspectives of engineering and smart packaging for the ease of order picking, stocking it in the warehouse, and transport. Overall this contributed to the sustainability of the project.

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Experience our modular shop in shop system for Napoleon’s versatile grill and barbecue products
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