For Shimano Fishing, we developed a shop-in-shop system for their different fishing rods and reels. Besides this, they have an extensive line of products like apparel, lures, and accessories connected to these products.




Streamline your fishing game by matching the perfect rod and reel

Project goal

Each fishing rod and reel are designed for different purposes, for example, salt or freshwater fishing and is connected to specific accessories. With a lot of products to choose from, we wanted to reduce navigation time in finding the right product combination. We developed a modular shop-in-shop system for rods and connected it to a similar system with reels.

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Project result

We delivered a combination of flexibility, brand visibility, and stock–product placement as the end result. Taking into account the perspectives of engineering and smart packaging for the ease of order picking, warehousing, stock management and transport. Overall this contributed to the sustainability of the project.

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