For the renowned brand SHURE, we were asked to assist them in creating a customer journey for all their product categories. Together we acted on how to guide consumers to their preferred product resulting in a modular shop in shop solution.




The Results

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0 25 % Increased brand visibility

Project goal

The SHURE brand is recognized by many industries as the benchmark in terms of microphone and sound quality. Especially within the music industry, they have built up a strong reputation and nowadays professional content developers are using their products. The challenge we had was to create a retail journey that assist all of their customers ranging from sound professionals to regular users.

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Project result

With a diverse range of product categories focused on different target groups, we developed a navigation for easy routing. Created a hero position for their latest product innovations and room for visual communication either lifestyle, heritage, or product highlights. As a result, we developed a digital-interactive, future-proof, and modular shop-in-shop, emphasizing the SHURE brand’s rich legacy.

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