With its iconic triple-headed snake trademark, Razer is renowned as a symbol of award-winning, high-performance hardware within global gaming and esports communities. To support the visibility of Razer brand products, we developed and installed an interactive, LED-illuminated retail display solution introducing Razer Edge and Kishi V2 mobile controllers.



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Project goal

The clients’ primary goal was to spark curiosity and educate customers on the power of mobile gaming, while the central focus was to demonstrate the capabilities of the Razer Edge device next to the capabilities of the Kishi V2 controller. With the engaging, innovative look-and-feel retail presentation, Razer aims to increase the sell-through of the SKUs by enhancing retail presence and providing a usable/interactive demo.

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Project result

As a result, an interactive retail display solution is available at multiple Power consumer-electronic stores in Norway and Media Markt stores in Germany.

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